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In addition to our wide range of music magazine subscriptions, we also sell individual books related to music as featured below:

The Greatest Tenors

100 page special issue

Landmark recordings

The greatest tenor arias

Exclusive interviews

Career landmark moments

Tenors of the future

From £12.99

Gramophone Presents J.S. Bach

100 page special issue

In-depth insights into his masterpieces

Recommend recordings from our experts

Archive reviews of iconic recordings

Interviews with leading interpreters

From £12.99

Bach & Greatest Tenors Bundle

200 pages of expert coverage

In-depth insights into Bach's masterpieces

Comprehensive profiles of the 10 Greatest Tenors

Landmark performances and iconic recordings

Exclusive interviews with leading interpreters

From £22.99

Songlines – Around the World in 20 years of Music

A special one-off publication celebrating the 20th anniversary of Songlines.

From £9.99

Choir & Organ Calendar 2021

Choir & Organ Calendar 2021

From £9.95

Jazzwise Calendar 2021

Jazzwise Calendar 2021

From £5.00

Chalet Monet (UK delivery)

Inside the Home of Dame Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge

(Published by Melbourne Books. Hardcover: 344 pages)

Author: Richard Bonynge

Foreword by Marilyn Horne

Photos: Dominique Bersier

From £69.99

Indian Sun: The Life And Music Of Ravi Shankar

By Oliver Craske

(Published by Faber & Faber. Hardcover: 672 pages)

The first biography of Ravi Shankar published in 2020 to commemorate his centenary year.

Price includes UK P&P

From £20.00

Gramophone Presents Beethoven


From £9.99

Bach and Beethoven Bundle


From £19.99

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