Gastrointestinal Nursing - YNM 2020

Gastrointestinal Nursing is the UK’s only journal for nurses working in gastroenterology, hepatology and stoma care. Every month it shares the latest best practice, research and guidance, alongside more than 5,000 pages of content in our fully-searchable online archive.

The journal publishes original research, clinical reviews and case studies that have been peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field, as well as news and expert analysis on best practice, professional development and healthcare policy. Gastrointestinal Nursing aims to help specialist nurses improve the quality of life of patients by delivering care that is evidence-based, cost-effective and patient-centred.

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  • Quality - all articles are peer-reviewed and based on the best available evidence 
  • Quantity - the UK's largest resource for GI and stoma care nurses - with 1,500+ articles
  • Accessible - content is easy for understand, searchable by topic and available on the go
  • Relevant - articles are written by nurses, and designed for its application to practice


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