UK-VET Livestock is the peer-reviewed journal that provides practical, evidence-based information for the large animal vet. It addresses all aspects of practice and every species that you care for, with articles written by practitioners to guarantee quality, accessibility and relevance. It then provides further support through an online, reflective CPD programme.

The journal is dedicated to sharing current thinking and the latest clinical expertise, offering a comprehensive resource for specialist vets. There is no better way to stay up-to-date with best practice and inform your continuing professional development.

Why choose us?

  • Quality - all articles are peer-reviewed and based on the best available evidence
  • Comprehensive - extensive coverage of everything from anaesthesia to parasitology
  • Up-to-date - every month we share the latest current thinking and best practice in veterinary care
  • Relevant - written by your fellow professionals, it is designed for its application to practice

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