Choir & Organ Calendar 2021

Choir & Organ's 2021 calendar showcases beautiful organs from across the globe, celebrating the craftsmanship and imagination that organ builders bring to the instruments they create.

Featured organs include:

  • A new organ for a church in Norway, designed and built by Flentrop in the north German baroque style, inspired by the Schnitger organ in Dedesdorf.
  • The Harrison & Harrison organ in Canterbury Cathedral, which incorporates the nucleus of Father Willis’s pipework alongside a few surviving stops from the earlier 1784 instrument by Samuel Green.
  • Buzard Pipe Organ Builders’ bespoke III/25 instrument for a new ‘Tri-Faith’ campus of a church, a mosque and a synagogue in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • The earliest English church organ with nearly all its parts unaltered, restored to its original stoplist by Goetze & Gwynn in 2009.
  • Peragallo Organ Company’s redesigned Opus 693 – including new mahogany casework – for a church in Virginia, where it will serve as the cornerstone of the church’s music programme.
  • GO Organbuilders’ rebuild of the Conacher organ at St Andrew’s Church, Biggleswade, with added 16ft Trombone (extension) and Swell 4ft Clarion.
  • A new, oak-cased organ by Škrabl, installed in 2020 in the gallery of the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London.
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