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Choir & Organ Calendar 2022

Choir & Organ's 2022 calendar showcases beautiful organs from across the globe, celebrating the craftsmanship and imagination that organ builders bring to the instruments they create.

Featured organs include:

  • A ‘Handel organ’ built by Goetze & Gwynn in early 18th-century English style, with mechanical key and stop action, for a Roman Catholic church in Germany.
  • The Grand Organ in Aarhus Cathedral, Denmark, which has been restored by Marcussen & Søn to recreate the tone colour from 1927-28, when the organ was rebuilt and expanded by Theodor Frobenius.
  • Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders’ new tracker action organ for the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • A baroque organ in a former Benedictine abbey in Westphalia, originally built with spring chests and now reconstructed by Flentrop Orgelbouw.
  • Dobson Pipe Organ Builders’ striking new III/58 instrument for the John and Alice Butler Hall, University of Dubuque, in Iowa, USA.
  • An 1879 William Hill organ in a chapel in Greater Manchester, rebuilt by Conacher in 1939, now completely overhauled by GO Organbuilders.
  • Harrison & Harrison’s reconstruction of the York Minster organ, completed in 2021, aiming to capture the original character of the Harrison scheme of 1931.
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